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Pillars & Charity Partners

The charity partners of are committed to raising funds in support of four vital initiatives: "World Without Exploitation," "THORN", "Saving Innocence" and "Innocence Rescue Mission". These organizations are at the forefront of our efforts to combat child trafficking and attacking our three Pillars. 

Empowering Youth Through Education

Our first pillar focuses on educating and raising awareness among young people to prevent human trafficking, in partnership with World Without Exploitation.


Rescuing and Rehabilitating Child Victims

The second pillar centers on rescuing children from the clutches of sex trafficking and providing comprehensive aftercare in partnership with Saving Innocence and Innocence Rescue Mission.


Enhancing Online Safety

Our third pillar involves harnessing cutting-edge technology to swiftly identify and combat abuse, making the internet a safer place, in collaboration with THORN.


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